Paleo: The Journey

So after much debate (mainly with myself!), I’m beginning day 1 of my 30 day journey on the paleo diet. You can read more about the paleo diet here, but basically it involves eating the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans – so that’s lots of fresh vegetables, some fruit, herbs, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meat and poultry. And there’s fresh fish too, but preferably wild rather than farmed.

The first thing you should do is get organised and make a shopping list. I put together a 7 day meal plan and was able to base my shopping list on that. The total food shop was £125.67 (cooking for 4).

Lots of fresh vegetables, free-range eggs, grass-fed meat and poultry.


I must say that our family wouldn’t usually consume this amount of meat in one week but the paleo includes plenty of organic, grass-fed meat and poultry, so who am I to argue. I could have miscalculated of course, so only time will tell.

The meat was purchased from my local butcher’s, Axons of Didsbury, and very nice they are too!

Selection of meats from Axons of Didsbury

450g Italian sausage (pork sausage with herbs) – £3.60
500g chicken breast fillets – £4.40
1 whole chicken (2.160 kg) – £7.99
1.3kg gammon joint – £9.20
260g smoked back bacon (6 slices) – £2.25
710g lean minced beef – £5.96
2.030 kg braising steak chunks – £17.90

Total – £51.30

Also Tesco Finest Italian Proscuitto (84g) at £1.70


Again, this is a lot of fish but that’s my mistake! I bought way too much cod for my requirements. Duh! 1kg should last us a month! I’ve therefore separated the cod into freezer bags, and as it’s lean, it will store for up to 6 months.

There’s no argument that fresh cod is expensive, so you could go for something cheaper, like pollock or basa.

1kg cod fillets – £8.96
100g Scottish smoked salmon, responsibly farmed – £4.00
4 x 160g tin tuna, pole & line caught – £2.49
1 x 418g tin wild pink salmon – £1.80

Total – £17.25

F R U I T,  V E G E T A B L E S   &   S A L A D

Cauliflower (organic) £2.00
Parsnips (packet) £0.54
Carrots (organic) x 2 packets £2.00
Sweet potato x 8 small/medium £0.95
Shallots (packet) £1.00
Salad bag (organic) £1.50
Salad bag (organic) £.50
2kg bananas £1.37
Onions (organic) £1.00
Brown onions £1.00
Romaine lettuce £1.25
Apples (organic) x 6 £1.75
Red peppers (organic) x 6 £4.47
Rosemary £0.70
Parsley £0.70
Thyme £0.70
Chives £0.70
Basil £1.25
coconut water £1.50

TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £25.88

Looking forward to making some delicious meals with these fresh vegetables.

free-range eggs x 15 (medium) £1.89
still water 8 x 2 litre £2.38
chestnut mushrooms 250g x 2 £1.90
everyday mushrooms 750g x 2 £3.12
leeks x 3 (packet) £0.69
pineapple £0.59
broccoli £0.37
green beans (packet)  £0.59
lemons x 5 £0.99
avocado – twin pack £1.45
avocado – twin pack £1.45

TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £15.42

spring onions
blackberries 200g
coconut milk
2 x spinach (200g bags)
courgette x 3

TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9.63


Rice vinegar (found near the ‘spice’ section at Tesco) @ £1.99
‘East End’ Pure butter ghee 500g from Tesco @ £2.50

G R A N D   T O T A L = £125.67 (to feed 4 people)

I’ll publish my paleo meals, along with photographs, over the coming weeks. My family will act as critics, so I’ll report back with all the details. Watch this space!

I’ve also cut out tea, coffee and dairy so will drink still bottled water, apart from next weekend when I’m meeting friends in Manchester! I’m pretty sure there will be alcohol involved and that’s perfectly fine; this is a lifestyle thing, not a fad.

And just to finish by saying that probably due to the lack of caffine today, I’ve had a headache for most of this afternoon. It’s almost 6pm and although I feel fine, a couple of shakes of my head and I can still feel the headache. Perhaps I should refrain from shaking my head?! 🙂

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When starting the paleo diet, it’s recommended that you take a strong probiotic supplement, just for the first 6 days. You can repeat the probiotic programme as often as you like, but many users choose to maintain the benefits with the occasional progarmme every couple of months.

I recommend seeking medical advice before taking any supplements.

Probiotics are micro-organisms, or live bacteria, which can improve the health of your gut and intestinal tract. People often report that taking a probiotic improves skin conditions too. Live probiotic cultures are found in fermented dairy and other fermented products such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and soy sauce. Also raw cheese (goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and A2 cows soft cheeses).

There are hundreds of probiotic supplements on the market and research into whether any of them work is limited. However, it’s claimed that conventional probitics fail because they only include miniscule daily doses, with insufficient protection and ineffective species of bacteria. Therefore I chose a super high-strength probiotic by Elixa. It delivers 50 times the dose of the average probiotic and should be taken with bottled water.

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