Spirilizer Review

My Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer (Professional Grade) or in other words, my new spirilizer, arrived today! Yay!

I’d been looking for a good quality spirilizer for ages, but each one I found had mixed reviews, which resulted in much confusion over what to order. Previously I’d bought a cheap, hand-held spirilizer, which was a complete waste of money. It was also a waste of some perfectly good carrots which I crushed to death, trying to figure out how to get them through the spirilizer! You get what you pay for I guess!


It’s all Japanese to me! My spirilizer arrived with instructions in Japanese . . . and in English too, but once you’ve seen the demonstrations on YouTube, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. If I can do it . . . . .

Back to the Bernier; I ordered via Amazon UK on 19th May, paying an additional postage fee for express shipping from Japan. OMG! It must have been delivered by Ninja as it only took 2 working days to arrive (4 days if you count the weekend)! It takes Royal Mail longer than that to deliver a 2nd class letter!

Here’s the result using fine, medium and coarse blades. The strands were quite lengthy using the fine and medium blades; the coarse blade cut the courgette into little crescent moon shapes.

I have a feeling it’s courgette spaghetti for dinner tonight!

I found the Bernier spirilizer very easy to use. It’s not too big measuring about 14cm x 10cm x 26cm, but it grips well on the surface and doesn’t require too much pressure when turning the handle. NB. Take great care when changing or cleaning the blades; they are very sharp so use a washing-up brush rather than a sponge or cloth, and definitely not with your hands!


The carrots on the left came out very good indeed, but not as good as the butternut squash, shown in the centre photograph and on the right! Look how long those spaghetti strands are. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was showing off!

Final Note: This is my own honest review. I was not paid by Bernier or anyone else for this article and paid for the Bernier Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer myself. Thank you.

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  1. great review! inspired to try one out 🙂

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