Paleo – Day 4

Well can you believe it? I’ve lost 4lbs! I had to weigh myself three times this morning just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I’m dumbfounded and pleased in equal measure!

I’ve been drinking a couple of litres of water throughout the day, although I’m pretty confused as to the correct amount of water I should be drinking. I know that it varies from person to person. You wouldn’t expect a 25 year old athlete to drink the same amount of water as an 85 year old. In addition, we get a certain amount of water from the food we eat, and again, this will vary from person to person. I just tend to listen to my body so always have a drink of water when I’m thirsty, and again if I’m feeling hungry. Quite often it’s not hunger at all, it’s your body simply asking for more hydration.

WATER: To drink tap water or not to, that is the question! It’s a very grey area this one. I was advised to drink bottled mineral water, especially when taking the strong probiotic, which is a 6 day course. I bought several 2 litre bottles of water with a PH value of 7.5 so slightly alkaline. I think that’s an acceptable level but I’m no scientist. Anyway, I was reading somewhere else online (can’t remember where!) that tap water is actually perfectly fine to drink but this will depend on where you live.

I checked the website of United Utilities and input my postcode to find the water quality in this area. I knew already that we’re really lucky in the North West of England; our tap water supply comes directly from the Lake District and from local reservoir sources too. The water quality is excellent. It’s very soft and low in naturally occurring fluoride. It’s not artificially fluoridated and all the other chemical levels (told you I wasn’t a scientist!) are well below UK/EU limits. I might just go back to tap water once my stash of mineral water has diminished!

So back to day 4; I wasn’t hungry until late morning so had a brunch of sausage, onions and poached eggs. The sausage was from my local butcher which I grilled, along with an organic onion, chopped and fried in a little ghee.


What’s not to love?

For dinner I had the paleo chilli con carne that I’d made in bulk yesterday. Grub-tastic! And a piece of fruit to finish.

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