Paleo – Day 7

Hurrah! I’ve done a full 7 days following paleo – mostly! I did have a few glasses of red wine the other night, when a friend of ours stayed over. I’m not feeling too bad about that; after all, this is a lifestyle thing, not a fad diet that’s impossible to stick to. Any how, I’ve lost almost 5lbs in one week! Well actually 4¾lbs to be precise, but what’s ¼lb between friends? I couldn’t be more happy about it.

I’ve found paleo incredibly easy to follow so let’s see what happens next week. I’m obviously not expecting such a huge weight loss over the next 7 days but a couple of pounds would be great. I can already feel my clothes getting looser!

I drank lots of water plus a herbal tea before bed. I also ate the following:

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See you soon!


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