Paleo – Week 2

I’m enjoying the paleo lifestyle so much that I’ve decided that I’ll probably stick with it – forever! I absolutely love the food choices and can’t believe I’ve not missed eating bread, and more importantly, lentils and chickpeas!

I’ve still enjoyed the odd glass of wine or three; old habits die hard! But in the grand scheme of things, I’m drinking lots more water, over two litres a day, and I’m generally feeling very good. Plus I’ve lost 6½lbs in two weeks! The majority of that was lost in the first week of following the paleo diet, but I still can’t quite believe it!

My daughter’s been on half-term holiday so I planned a menu that consisted of brunch and dinner, with snacks of fruit and nuts in between, just in case I felt hungry – which for the most part I’ve not.


Brunch this week consisted mainly of this kind of thing; ham with poached eggs and avocado salad.

And here’s what we had for dinner this week . . .

Tuesday – Day 12

Balsamic chicken thighs with asparagus.

Wednesday – Day 13

Chorizo and roasted sweet potato salad

Thursday – Day 14

Garlic king prawns with courgette noodles

Friday – Day 15

Greek style meatballs with courgette noodles.

Saturday – Day 16

Out to eat. I had steak. Yum!

Sunday – Day 17

Pulled pork stuffed sweet potatoes.

Monday – Day 18

Orange-rosemary seared salmon.

Tuesday – Day 19

Beef sirloin with spicy tomato sauce.

What’s not to love? I’d happily eat in any restaurant with a menu like this!


Another tasty brunch that was absolutely grub-tastic!

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  1. acobriant82 says:

    Those eggs look perfect!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. grubtasticuk says:

    Thank you so much. 🙂


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