Paleo – Week 3

Has it been three weeks already? How time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s what we had to eat for our main meals this week. And as usual, I enjoyed brunch every day which consisted of avocado, or ham, or chicken with mixed salad.

Wednesday – day 20

Chorizo and roasted potato salad.

Thursday – day 21

Grilled salmon with avocado sauce.

Friday – day 22

Pork chops with balsamic glaze.

Saturday – day 23

Out to eat! I had roast lamb and vegetables.

Sunday – day 24

Pistachio-crusted salmon.

Monday – day 25

Cayenne chicken with celeriac chips.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photographs of this one, so will come back to it at a later date! I must say, the celeriac chips tasted even better than the sweet potato variety. Just bake them in olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Utterly grub-tastic!

Tuesday – day 26

Prawns with lemon and parsley.

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